What Are Blackheads

We are all familiar with this situation, where it seems like everyone around you doesn’t have spotted skin; only you have a T – Zone dotted with ugly blackheads. Many times, you look into the mirror to see those dark spots and the question that keep coming to your mind is “why me”.

what are blackheads on nose,Blackheads on girl's nose Blackheads are normally caused by the overproduction of oil.
Well, I would say you are not alone in that situation. You may feel like it is only you, but the truth is, everyone does get blackheads at one or more stages of their life. This is because the natural, goodly developments that occur in your body will always be accompanied by blackheads.
But, that doesn’t mean I’m encouraging you to fall in love with blackheads. Na!!!! However, I would like to show you some important things you need to know about these black devils (blackheads) and then proceed to how to cure blackheads.
Note that there are 101% chances that you would have blackheads.

What Are Blackheads?

So, what does blackhead really mean? I will give you two facts that will help you have a better understanding of blackheads and how they are unavoidable.
1. You have hundreds of thousands of hair follicles on your body, including your face.
2. Blackhead results when the hair follicle is clogged.
Knowing these, I think your curiosity should be aroused on why we don’t usually get as many blackheads as possible. To clear this doubt, I need to explain in detail how do blackheads form.
All the millions of follicles on your body each contains a hair, and a sebaceous gland whose function is to secrete sebum oil to keep your skin soft. When the dead skins on your body are shed, they mix up with the follicle and the secreted oil to form a clog that appears on the surface. This is usually referred to as bump or a comedone. If there’s no alteration of the skin over the bump, then it is called whitehead. However, if the skin that surrounds the bump opens, it will give way for air to enter and oxidize the sebum oil. The consequence is a black or yellowish bump called blackheads.
Aside the T – Zone and the chin, blackheads can also show up on the back, chest neck, shoulders, and your arms. Though the blackhead seems to be like a dirt that is entrapped in your skin, but you should have understood by now that blackheads have little to do with the dirtiness of your skin, right?

Why Do You Get Blackheads?

Well, teenagers cannot escape blackheads during their poverty stage. This is because their body keep generating a substantial amount of hormones that stimulates the glands that secrete oil in your skin. This is actually normal, and it shows that your body system is functioning well. But, blackheads aren’t just a desired byproduct.

Are They Really Blackheads?

Taking a close look at your face, you may see tiny spots that resemble blackheads. Sometimes, you may find these spots on your chin or below the lower tip. If you have been applying blackheads medications and there’s no improvement, you should be convinced that those spots are not blackheads, rather, they are sebaceous glands or filaments. They are the tips of natural hair-like formations that permit the flow of oil along the lining of your skin openings. These are commonly found in the adults and should not be confused for acne. Hence, acne medications will not clear them off.
How to differentiate sebaceous filament from blackheads?
There are three ways in which you can differentiate blackheads from sebaceous filaments.
If you noticed any spot on your T – Zone or on the chin, here some hints that will help you in identifying them:
1. Sebaceous filaments are more common than blackheads. If the dots display a random pattern, then they are not blackheads because blackheads are usually in the form of solitary eruptions.
2. Sebaceous filaments are usually grey in color while blackheads are usually large in size and dark in color; though they can be yellowish in color sometimes.
3. When you touch sebaceous filaments, they feel smooth in hand. This is in contrast to blackheads that usually have an elevated rim around the clogged pore.
What Are Causes Of Blackheads?

what causes blackheads Typically, hormones cause the oil glands to excess oils but disruption occurs sometimes and it which causes excess oil.
In most cases, blackheads are usually caused by natural processes that are taking place in your skin and body. However, there are other causes of blackheads. Having the knowledge of these will help you to minimize their breakouts.
1. Dead skins can accumulate in the openings of your skin. This usually result from lack of adequate or proper cleaning of your skin. It will eventually lead to oil buildup in the pores and the skin will become clogged.
2. Also, if you are working in a greasy or environment with a lot of pollution and humidity, blackheads will surely breakout.
3. If you are using oil-based moisturizers or cosmetics, they can also encourage blackheads. In such case, you have to consult your doctor about the cosmetics that work best for you. In addition, you should always lookout for cosmetics products that are non – comedogenic. These products won’t clog skin pores.
What to do?
Scrubbing off the bumps is a bad idea. You should scrub off the idea too.
Many people keep wondering why they keep getting blackheads even though they have scratch off the affected part. The truth is, your skin is bound to be naturally oily. Scrubbing off the spots will only make the skin to secrete more oil. Your skin cannot do without secreting oil that will make it soft. Scrubbing will only create an environment where the blackheads can flourish. My advice to you is; clean your skin meticulously but mildly to reduce the chances of getting blackheads.
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